28  March
Poppet studio -Karin Schäfer (Austria) 

29 March
Physical Theater – Shrikant Bhide (India)

30 March
The Phakama Way (Participatory theatre making processes for young adults)
Prof. Vidyanidhee Vanarase (India)

31 March
Social Theater/ Movement Theater – M. Safeer
(Sri Lanka)

1 April
Applied Theatre Workshop: Exploring Identities In Relation With The Society You Exist In.
Kaustubh Bankapure (India)

2 April
Sri Lanaka Mobile Theatre – Parakrama Niriella
(Sri Lanka)

3 April
The Indian Theatre & about the theatre in Maharashtra – Dr. Ajay Joshi (India)

4 April
Creativity via Internal Energy – Dr. Asoka Jinadasa
(Sri Lanka)