25th May
Director: M.Safeer 
Country: Sri Lanka/ Italy – English


Let us tell you about the last woman in the world with her swings… She is doing her last act in front of you… Just listen to her… She will tell you many things… Try to understand what she wants to convey… May be, you will not meet her again… Red, Blue, Black, Purple and White swings will be left after all. She is in front of you, moments before her parting… Thereafter “The swings of love” shall be swinging……


Out of 15 of the last 28 years I have been trying to go on a different path. Sometimes it was very harsh, some times with a lot of obstacles while other times it was pleasant. I underwent everything alone but went forward on the same path. Now, I’m preparing to address the world. I am trying to do that through “Swings of Love”. I have an ideological dream about swings. I’m trying to make that dream a reality. Woman and the swing are like a fairy world, at times. Swinging or a moving create many things, says many things. I think it is a way for me to tell what I want to tell. So, dear friend, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and white swings are on the stage with the last woman in the world motionless. From the time they start moving. I’m trying to tell something through them. Try to understand that. I’m not telling you anything else. How do you feel that? That is exactly what I have to tell you……