Director – Kalum Krishanthi


This is an adaptaton of a Russian cultural short story writ- ten between 1800 – 1900. It talks about the diversity of human beings, how the emotons of humans afect their behavioral paterns, how the society defnes what emerg- es in a human heart and how all these afects the children who are to undertake the future society. I have tried to give a stmulaton to go beyond dependency and models of the adults and to build a mental and spiritual mind set. It is a drama created to make the children and the adult audience to think twice about how to live in an oppressed environ- ment. It is writen to reveal the practcal situatons arising between the youth and the parents and the eternally exist- ing concept of “SuduHadawath–”white hearts” among the human beings.

Director’s Note
Sharing “The life” and teaching “The Life” to the future of my country…. ‘Children’…… they are the future of our world.

My expectaton is to create a person with humanity, crea- tvity and personality.