Michael MiensopustThe puppeteer explores the adventures of “bringing things to life2:strange poetcal creatures transform again and again, surprising us with mutatng shapes. Apparently infexible objects start to move, seem- ingly voiceless things turn into music. “Solo with a Nose” is a litle story of mankind, humorously invitng us to make our own imaginatve discoveries a metaphorical poetcal play, turning the world upside down with pleasure. It shows a graceful and musical kaleidoscope of life, changing and trans- forming contnuously, setng no boundaries to the imaginaton.Director Note
With “Solo with a Nose” we did our frst play without words for children. Meanwhile at rehearsals we recognized that the children associ- ate much more, than we ever thought before. Everybody in the audience creates his own story, and that’s very interestng. Although there IS a story we ofer them, there is enough place for their own fantasy