Rehearsal for Elsinore

07th August
Rehearsal for Elsinore
Bogdana Darie – National University of Theatre and Film Romania
Romanian, with subtitles (90min)


Rehearsal for Elsinore is a play devised from a given script (The Return to Elsinore by Kiss Csaba/an adaptation of Hamlet), coordinated by associate professor Bogdana Darie and Ph.D students Romina Sehlanec, Andreea Jicman. The play is a lesson about how theatre can work as an instrument in the educational process. Developed together with MA students from the Teaching Drama Department, the play shows both the mechanism of how one constructs a play without imposing ideas or certain paths, and it is also a message of the importance of using drama in the strategy of involving SEN children in the creative process. The project has two different levels and this can be seen really clear in the performance. It is shown how an actor can juggle with his skills in order present the character existence and the actor’s existence all gathered together in one person. It must be outlined the fact the actors of the play are not only actors but they tend to be masters of their own art, who can teach and explain in exact steps what is they are doing on stage and also behind the curtains. Apart from the established scenes the improvised scenes are, as the word “improvised” implies, always different and. As the project goes on, the research involves also adapting these moments to the people in the audience according to the feedback that is given after the final of every performance.