Director – Saman NandanaLong ago news spreads throughout Rome during the reign of King Herrod that a redeemer or a future king is born in a shanty 3 months before. Felonious king orders the army to kill all infants less than three years. A woman named Maria tries to fnd a secure place to hide with her 2 months old child to elude from the king’s army. She comes to a brothel and tells her story to the matron. She says Maria could stay but has to work as sex worker which she refuses. While she leaves a soldier enters and ask the matron for service. The child starts crying and Maria and the child are confronted by the soldier. Matron pleads giving lot of promises but soldier says he has to carry out the king’s orders. What will happen to all three of them?Directors Note
Since 1948 Sri Lanka is reciprocally governed by two major partes. A third party has not formed a govern- ment yet. May be because of that, many countries in Asia that were less developed than our country have overtaken us and grabbed a lot of victories. The ofcials appointed when a new government is formed serves and complies the wishes of the politcal forces by violatng all rules and regulatons. The country is not important to them. They thrive making profts for themselves too. But there are a handful of ofcials who does not belong to this category. The defense forces too act according to the wishes of the politcians breaking all rules and regulatons and violatng human rights.In such a roten country all other elements starts to deteriorate. Therefore people are looking for- ward for a new system of governance. Even though there is no hope of such a propositon in view people are expectng it to happen.In this drama the child’s character portrays that novel expectaton of the people. To fulfll that wish the child should be made the king. They think the child is from their own class. Therefore they think he should be protected untl he is grown up.

People are waitng to accomplish their expectaton of a novel system with opens. Their ambiton is to end it with victory.