30th May
Director: Lakmini Lakshika 
Country: Sri Lanka – Sinhala


“ Nilak balamuda” short drama based on different social formations of the modern society, politics, attitudes of the scholars and porn films are the main facts of this story. In the beginning of the drama it presents a incident about watching a porn film. But in the middle and final parts of the tropic changes dramatically. such topics like politics scholars and attitude of the society about politics are reflecting senses throughout. Both of young ladies are trying to find a solution for a problem which they face is base on a real incident of the modern society. While they are watching a porn films, one of their friends laptop falls down and it breaks. When the movement they realize that they can’t fix it back as the lady suggest to steal a new one. This drama build up by the rolls of Sanga and Kulani. They are living in the university systemic life and they have different opinions from each other. Finally they come to one decision and try to solve the problem. A girl who name Kulani utters about importance of her family background and honour which generate a comedy taste in the drama. As a conclusion,” Nilak balamuda” whole drama negotiate such tropic like love, sexuality, honour of a women and the drama provide a opportunity to celebrate critically about these main facts.


The scripts of the “Nilak balamuda” drama written by two writters. In this script they are implying to discuss about social issues around women and that matter stimulated me to direct the drama. Both young ladies are questioning socially authorised facts like cultura, ethics and values. Further, they are challenging women’s life decision making rules culture and values made by the society. This drama based on a real incident of the university community revealed the uncovered truth. A lady whose name is Kulani owned by the manhood in the society. finally, she accepted the common social standards and drama shows us how women think about other women. also this context is very logical. If a lady watches a porn films it is an offence in the community. They are restricted. In the drama they also watching a porn films and they were thinking that they might get caught by some one. Then, they plan to steal because of the culture. They thought, stealing is better than getting caught watching a porn films. So women has no power against the culture and they are just a part of it. As a directress I send the massage of breaking these standards in front of the audience. Some social phenomena like women, politics, education, culture are questioned by the two ladies through out the drama.