Menna Ape Rajjuruwo

07th August
Menna Ape Rajjuruwo
D.K. Atigala – Vinivida Theater – Sri Lanka
Sinhala (30 min.)
Nuwan is watching lovingly a television programmes on the history. His sister tries to bring him to play. But Nuwan does not like it. When Nuwan is dreaming about ancient kings, a tusker comes in and fetches Nuwan to a kingdom which does not have a king. Nuwan is greatly welcome by the king’s council and appoints him as the king. He starts to play a game of creicket witj old aged ministers but both sides become embarrassed. King Nuwan is popular among the members of the counsil for his success on solving a case of theft. King Nuwan is always calling the council to play with him. One day wnimies of a hostile state invades the county. Nuwan’s army leader asks to blow the war horn. When ir blows the atmy will attack the enimies. But king Nuwan says he does not like war games and he starts to play “trains” with the members of the council. At a rime of war, it is not good to play games burt to fight. But king Nuwan continues his playing. After a little while, king Nuwan comands the Chief of Army to bow horn to stop the train. When it blows the army fights back and wins the war. Nuwan is still sittng in dront of the television….