28th May
Director: Juan Cruz Bracamonte 
Country: Argentina – Non Verbal


“Mandragora Circus” is a wordless theatre performance in which two clowns tell a story of comedy and love where dialog and thoughts are understood without words. Circus stunts, music and unconventional instruments weave the acts of this performance together to allow the audience to imagine situations, conflicts and solutions. The show is delicate, with a touch of comedy, and an attractive story which can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages where circus becomes poetry.


This non verbal performance where two clowns tell a story of love and comedy aimed to audience of all the ages is a demonstration in how all the human beings are equal in terms of feeling. The wordless story can be enjoyed and understood for everyone regardless the age, nationality or culture. Anyone could be captivate for the characters of this play who take the audiences for many different emotions during the story of this original work. Presenting this play on tour the company encourages the vision of “One World” and every performance is a demonstration of how the arts can bring the people together promoting better conditions for understanding the diversity and tolerance between diverse nations.