27th May
Director: Reinhard Göber 
Country: Austria – English


A reflection about modern – day solitude Leaving Ziller Valley tells the story of the young Tyrolean manager Elizabeth. Alienated and lost from jet-setting between high-end hotels from Paris to Shangai, she decides to stay in New York. Maybe in this city full of dreamers, she can find what she is looking for: a place that she can call home and where she can ultimately find herself. “Leaving Ziller Valley revolves around the German conceptual term “Heimat” (plainly defined as the relationship one may have to a particular place) and explores its meaning through a dramatic, vibrant and energetic theatrical presentation. The performance also displays a personal quest for identity, emotional security, and a sense of belonging and purpose, away from the comfort of one’s home. It shows how relativity comes with a term or a word being understood differently across regions, and how several elements beyond physical or spacial environment constitute “home.


This performance has been developed by DIVA Arts Collective for DIVA Monodrama Festival over the course of several years, has been translated into 3 languages and Julia Rosa Stöckl is performing it at various festivals worldwide including Austria, Argentina, Armenia, Chile, Estonia, Germany, India, Israel, Spain, Uruguay and the USA. Leaving Ziller Valley is a reflection about modern society and the struggle for the individual to create a HOME in a globalized, modern world. Inspired by Berlin’s wild Frank Castorf and the meditativeness of Peter Brook, this monodrama creates a new version of post – modern theatre.