Director – Sachithra RahubaddaOnce upon a tme there was a litle girl called HANSI. She is fond of dreaming. She wants to become an actress too. One day she dreamt that she is actng the role of the King in the drama she is actng. She lives inside that. However at last she gets to know that all that was a part of dream. In fact she was only a soldier. Finally she accepts her fate happily. She does her best for that role.Director’s Note”How wonderful is it to live in a dream? How amazing the dreams are? Dreams are lights of our life. Dreams make us smile. I love dreams. Do you know dreams decide our future? There is nothing freightng and nothing to cry in dreams. There are no late night home work, No rude people, no rude works and no rude worlds in dreams. I wish this whole world becomes an entre dream.”