Director – Randika WimalasuriyaWe use ‘The Rope’ something to bind two things to- gether. ‘The Rope’ is the medium which can bind two separate things together. But we can defne ‘The Rope’ in another way according to the Sinhala Idiom. Giving fake promises and get- tng caught by it is referred as “Lanu Deema” and “Lanu Kema”. I Think we have experienced this in our day to day life. We have not involved to bind something together with the help of a ‘rope’. But we have got caught by many fake things and made fake troubles to others. This is the massage I want to convey through the drama of “Lanuwa” (The Rope).I atempt to bring out my drama to the stage by us- ing the medium of the rope through four abstract characters which they have experienced the nature of it. They perform it using the drama method well. Try to realize the nature of these ‘rope’ through your own experience. This may be another rope for you, who have diferent opinions on “Ropes”