Director –Kithmini ShanikaJinadasa is a profcient dancer of traditonal dancing. But he is working as a garment ofcer in administratve insttute.He does not have enough qualifcatons and he doesn’t like his job because he had to get into that awesome life,the desire for dancing becomes hatred. Gradu- ally he begins to hate not only the dancing so the history of his life of dancing is wandering in his mind.Mean while one day Jayaweera comes for an interview for a vacancy of a rank under his positon .Jayaweera also a dancer who practced dancing. Although he too was coming from Kandian dancing traditon, he is an artst who was disgusted of dancing educaton. He was a poor person who was seeking any type of employment for the struggle of living. The drama start of entrance of Jayaweera to Jinadasa’s ofce.Litle by litle the conversaton between them grow and they identfy one another. When Jayaweera expressed his ideas openly, Jinadasa atempts to hide his past. But Jayaweera found the dancer who is hiding In Jinadasa. Although the senior ofcer gave him a certain job is unable to complete that because of his ignorance’s. Afer Jinadasa failed to do it several tmes, the sen- ior ofcer decides to dismiss him from his job……

Directors Note
In the post modernist System the hopes of the man and a dream from his babyhood, the man who atempts to approach to that dream that it is his only purpose struggles against every phenomena. At any moment his dream becomes the reason of his disappointment. Keeping the whishes and intentons out, he happens to work for a target comes without nasality. The life is an efort to sleep by secluding from the dreams.