Janakaraliya – Theater Of People

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Director: Parakrama Niriella
Janakaraliya – Theater Of People 


About Janakaraliya

Jana Karaliya is a mobile cultural organisation that uses a collapsible theatre and travels through districts with its theatre group. It provides the area with a cultural hub during its stay, using drama and Theatre, with other art forms for social harmony.  It implements human development activities using drama and theatre at the grass root level as well as the higher level of the society.

Its mission is to develop a culturally and spiritually awakened society enabling it to live in peace and harmony and also make the Sri Lankan society a sensitive, creative, wise, active and a just one.

The project travels from district to district organizing drama and theatre training for youth, providing cultural and spiritual experiences and also giving the people an opportunity to participate in cultural activities.

Janakaraliya is a revolutionary juncture in the Chronicle of the Sri Lankan Drama. The accepted norm and tradition of the Sri Lankan drama field is for a drama group to travel and perform at an available ‘hall’. This is called ‘staging, dramas. The established identity or the uniqueness of Janakaraliya is taking the theatre or the arena to the audience without waiting for the audience to approach the theatre. Taking the theatre to the people in far away hamlets for performing theatre arts is a concept of Parakrama Niriella. For Parakrama the birth of the Mobile Theatre and the multi ethnic mobile drama troupe, Janakaraliya, is realization of a lifelong dream.   Janakaraliya multi-ethnic drama group was established with the intention of making an excellent precedence to the divided communities and it is dedicated to heralding the message of peaceful coexistence among multi racial and multi ethnic societies of Sri Lanka.