Director: Aditi Venkateshwaran
Country: India Pune
Time: (45 min)
“So much of the city is our bodies.” – Anne Michaels

How do we understand the life of our own bodies? How are we able to re-see movement and the ideas contained in the body? How does one see more deeply into our mundane day-to-day movement as a form of intelligence, rediscovering its capacity for ideas, understanding fully what the body knows. Looking at world in its entirety and our respective small earthly existence with all its whims, mysteries, delusions, hopes and fears, all our heritage, contradictions, fluctuating abilities to understand and recognize life, our ability or more often inability to love, trust, understand, all those egos and the many others within and outside us, all that flares up in moments of recognition. Running forwards, ever forward and sometimes backwards. A constant need to reach somewhere, perhaps nowhere.

Finding an intersection in the context of conflicts and narratives; theories of trauma and healing and their artistic expression while being in transit. The piece examines the representation of systemic and subjective movement in the contemporary cultural looking at bodies in transit.