Director: Dr. Mrinal Jyoti Goswami
Country: India – Assam
Time: (60 min)
The silver lines of old memories tease us from behind. That is why, perhaps, we nostalgically gloat over our childhood days. We are again and again reminded of our playful childhood with leisure games like, “Imaan Imaan Paani, Ganga Rani”, “Khusti” etc. In our wildest dreams we could not have seen that through these games, played in the happiest moments of our life, we were actually getting ready to face the turbulence of the present times, as we have been facing in Assam, and the whole world. At a time when our world is terrorized by the dehumanizing impacts of the intense socio-political upheavals and economic depression, we want to escape to the imaginary world of myths, legends and tales for solace and relief from the worries of the present. Memories of our childhood years bring back to our conscience the relevance of such myths and legends as we live our day-to-day lives with them. This is also a situation in which we are reminded of Salvador Dali and his great Canvas ‘The Persistence of Memory’ and of Edvard Munch and his ‘The Scream (or The Cry)’. On the basis of them an ambitious attempt has been made to portray the day-to-day politics of the contemporary times.