28th May
Director: Mrinal Jyoti Goswami 
Country: India – English and Assamese


Time and tide wait for none. We all are engaged in a race of life. The contemporary socio-political and economic scenarios of the world push us to run. We forget when and where we started our race… we are just running and running… Time lashes on everyone’s back. Bruises become visible and gradually increase. But there is no escape from running. We want to achieve but at the cost of running. This is not just a precondition but the order of time…


Life and the unreal are inseparable. If you begin with life, you find that the unreal often engulfs us. Keeping this idea in mind, a couple of years ago, I unknowingly started writing some non-linear fictional write-up ‘Jibanar Bhagnagsha’ (Slice of Life). The main theme was the race of life. And last year, I had an opportunity to go through some short-stories of my friend Amitabh Mahanta in his book Kathaninad, where he also dealt with a somewhat similar theme. Then, I started searching for my own self and an ambitious dream came to my mind to depict this theme in audio-visual form. Therefore, with the help of some theatrical techniques, I have adopted the non-linear psycho-physical approach to present our main theme—the race of life, in this play in a stylized way.