09th August
Subhendu Bhandari – Amta Parichay – India
Bengali/English sub-titles (60 min.)
The story of “Eladidi” is not only the story of Eladidi but also of emancipation. It is a story of Mukti a ordinary girl and Ela-a pretty, educated, intelligent one-known as Eladidi of Mukti. Mukti grows hearing of comparison all the time with Ela a common scenario in society. The unachieved desire of parents come upon the children like Mukti; and they tried hard to be so from the childhood, making it their motto of life. Their aim is to be a photocopy of Eladidi. She wants to be Eladidi- the neighbour, Eladidi- the singer, Eladidi- the heroine or at least Eladidi a domestic lady. Mukti had no beauty, no wealth. she had not the ability; but their is no end of being Eladidi. But life doesn’t progress following the rules of mathematics. That life is not a colourful picture of childhood is proved by the ups and down of life. Life proves that brutes with their sharp claws live side the Muktis. So, they failed to be one like Eladidi. Naturally their lives become confined in four walls boundary- to remain alive only by name. Everyday Mukti is also dying slowly on her way to be Eladidi. But life does not end here. Life teaches her in silence to come out of herself and to feel the response of the whole world. God has given everyone two eyes, two ears, hands, but having some unique characteristics. So, we are different from each other. Everyone has some special qualities; everyone has a different self. Without inner calling from heart, no one can be Eladidi, or even Mukti. The journey of Eladidi stops by suicide but not of Mukti. Instead of going in that way she realize herself, she emerges from coping others to her own self……