27th May
Director: Ed. Hauswirth 
Country: Austria – German with English sub-titles


How can anyone leave their home – the Rabtal! What makes the temptations of urban life so strong? And what might persuade one to move back? Rural depopulation represents an existential problem for the provinces. Finding a way to deal with it is not only a matter of infrastructure planning but a personal one, both for those who have moved away and the others left behind. With their familiar edgy charm the Rabtaldirndln use an ‘Austria’s Most Wanted’ format to track down those who have left, look for answers on a case-by-case basis and make an effort to fill the gaps which have been left behind. The Rabtaldirndln use a lot of humour in what is a very serious examination of those who have left home to look for happiness in the city. The role of women in both rural and urban society is of particular interest.


The cooperation between the Rabtaldirndln Collective and me is quite a dialogue. A game of questioning and answering. For the period of each work, we are in this type of symbiosis. After that they are getting rid of me. They are a feminist collective and a bit like black widows. I enjoy that intense and open relationship in general. For the Work of Du gingst fort the first task was to make interviews with relatives, who left their home town.