Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti

05th August
Do re mi fa so la ti
Sachithra Rahubaddha – Red Apple – Sr Lanka
English (30 min.)


Once there lived a fairy god mother. She has magical power. She used her magical power to make our world beautiful. She make different things like birds, sun, moon and rainbow. One day she invented music. Then how will she send this thing to human world. She decided to give it to someone for implement it in human world. Using a coincidence meter she selected a girl named Melissa. Melissa is a girl who thinks that everything in the world is ugly and useless and she got a squirrel as her pet. Fairy god mother hide music inside of Saxophone and gave it to Melissa. But Melissa didn’t believe her. But fairy god mother want to make her believe about finding her luck. Finally Melissa take it and played it for her pet and her grandparents. They fainted after listening to her awful music. She thought everyone one fainted because she played it very beautiful and everyone can’t bear that beautiful sound. So she left home and go to the town to play that for public. Unfortunately that day was carnival day for the town. The people in the carnival fainted too. Then she got afraid and decided to go to jungle. Then she met a prince who caught by a group of thieves. She helped the prince but caught by a palace guards. They take Melissa and SQ to the palace. Here she stopped the king to be tricked by the thieves. She protect the country but finally she decided to make a musical band by refusing hand of prince and throne. She became hero of the story and found her good luck