Dhyaas – Pune

The Last Color
Director – Shrikant Bhide
Dhyaas- Pune


About the Play

“There is a no single tiger left in world” And the soul of the last one is now tells us the story- “The last Color” This Fantasy is based on the current condition of wild life and specially the condition of national animal of India- TIGER. It reflects the human & tiger or nature relation with the help of some past true incidents held in India. This is just an attempt to create awareness about wild life. This is the theater for social awareness.

This story is purely fictious, created by human being, a human being has also created god through his imagination. one may not find this a true story probably its not. but this is an attempt to make all aware that this situation might become a truth in the future.

This is not a question of just me or my child, but its of every small tiny creature in nature. we all created our own world but we must not forget our roots which are there in the nature. whatever  that is lost, is lost forever, but whatever is left, lets preserve that. after all  humans are not bad or not an enemy, but there are few people who has forgotten humanity, still… lets not suffer the entire human kind for few of these. there are may be 4 hands to kill , but lets prepare 400 to save. live and let live. life is beautiful lets make it more beautiful…!

Today in year 2012 in India the tiger population is just at near 1700. Which was 1411 in year 2007. Which is positive change but this number was 40,000 to 45,000 just hundred years back.

This is the story of only one species but so many are there, who are living at the edge of zero.

Painting their lives with

The last color….!


About the Group

The organization ‘Dhyaas, pune’ was established in 2008 by the youngsters and theater crazy people. inspired from the intercollegiate dance & drama competitions and so decided to work with complete dedication to theater.

After the experience of intercollegiate competition we have started working as a open group from year 2008. and consistently performing in district and state level shows & competitions. so that from last 3 years we are doing performances in one act play, two act play, physical theater category and now looking for new platform in the field of theater.

The founder of Dhyaas pune. Mr. Shrikant Bhide working as a theater person from last 10 years. in which he has started his work as an actor, after few years experience he tried scripting and direction also, gradually he extended his limit and currently he has formed own theater group ‘Dhyaas, Pune’

Achievement of dhyaas, pune –

1) won the first prize for the drama ‘Pinjara’ for  maharashtra  state level competition (maharashtra rajya natya spardha), in pune center, 2010.

2) performed  the play ‘The last color’ at  Following National Festivals-

– “santipur natymela 2011″, west bengal. Dec.  2011.

– “bandel arohee festival 2011″ , west bengal. Dec. 2011.

-“Ahmedabad Theater Festival”,Budhan treaters, ahamedabad, Gujarat, Feb.12.

-“Abhinaya Theater Festival”, Hydrabad August 12


3) performed  the play ‘The last color’ at  Following international Festival-