CITF 2014


“Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra birth centenary commemoratio 

3rd Colombo International Theatre Festival 2014”

The Colombo International Theatre Festival will come alive for the third consecutive year, at the auditorium of The British School in Colombo from 28 March – 02 April,2014.  Across six days, theatre companies from Germany, Nepal, India  and Mexico alongside their Sri Lankan  counterparts will present seven unique, diverse and interactive performances that aim to showcase the cream of emerging theatre across the globe.

This year the organizers will name the festival as “Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra birth centenary commemoration Colombo International Theatre Festival 2014”

A forum titled the ‘Colombo Theatre Forum’ will allow both local and international directors and artistes, to meet each other and discuss present theologies, future trends and challenges that concern the emerging and experimental theatre industry in general. It is envisaged that following this forum, an action plan would be finalized on how to address the issues discussed.

Colombo Theatre Forum 29th to 31st (Venue Goethe Institute -9 am to 3 pm

Colombo International Theater Festival Schedule – British School Auditorium in Colombo

  • 27th March

Opening Ceremony  (invitees only)

  • 28th  March

Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra commemoration ceremony   4.30pm

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Art”Maname’ Dir: Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra -Sri Lanka   6.30 pm

  • 29th March

Little Klaus, big Klaus  –Dir:Taki Papacontantinou   – Germany      3.30 / 6.30

  • 30th March

The Balancing Act  –Dir:VidyanidheeVanarase       – India             3.30 / 6.30

The Kathmandu Blues – Dir :Tanka Chaulagain      -Nepal            3.30 / 6.30

  • 31st

Othello’  Dance Drama – Dir:Ravibandu Vidyapathi – Sri Lanka       3.30 /6.30

  • 01st April

The Transparent Trap’Dir:ShrikantBhide              – India                    3.30 / 6.30

  • 02nd April

HunuwatayeKathawa’  Dir: ParakramaNiriella         – Sri Lanka  3.30 / 6.30

The Balancing Act 2ri Lanka      3.30 / 6.30 kartoffelbrei Froemmler3(3) DSC_0790DSC_7415a DSCN7016