CITF 2019

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04th August
Book of Love
Aamir Nawaz – Maas Foundation – Pakistan
Non verbal (60 min.)


“Book of Love” is a non-verbal take on the classic boy-meets-girl tale. The play showcases a couple’s journey of love, family and parenthood through a child’s perspective – who reminds them about the sweet old charm they once had. Ali a 5 years old child one fined himself alone at home. Due to his childish behavior during aloneness, he finds a book in the book rack on which Book of Love is written. He starts to read it. In each section of the book he finds an interesting even happing in the life of a couple i.e their meets, their dates, their engagement, their marriage, their honeymoon etc. the best part is that at the end of the day he finds that this story is a real life of his parents who had lost their love in that book and have no more love in their life..

04th August
Let It Be Art!
Ronald Rand – Let It Be Art -USA
English (45 min)


“LET IT BE ART!” – Ronald Rand’s humorous and inspiring one person show brings to audiences of all ages, Clurman’s great passion for “living life to its fullest!” Clurman encourages audiences to embrace life, to strive to understand one another, feel for everything, to go out and spread joy of life with courage,and compassion. The play takes place in New York City in 1980, as we go on the exciting journey of his life, experience the birth of America’s greatest theatre
company – The Group Theatre, travel to Paris, New York City and Russia, meeting vibrant theater art i s t s : S t e l l a Ad l e r, Lee Strasberg, Constantin Stanislavsky – even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis! A beautiful joy-filled journey touching hearts and minds.

05th August
Ardakani Honorable Family
Amir Bashiri – Avan Theater Group – Iran
Persian/English sub-titles (45min)


Fereydoun, the senior child of the family, is going to the military service and decides to bring the news to the family in a gathering. Things occurring in that evening walk us through the conflicts and lack of proper communication between the family members.

“Ardakani Honorable Family” shows the story of the family members plagued by tensions in everyday social challenges. Many of us must have experienced such turbulences in our own family. The show depicts many community members without retouch, unveiling and enlightening the facts, while ensuring that the taste of its honesty does not hurt the audience, but rather, brings smile to their lips.

This slice of life portrays many parents nowadays who expect their children to be simulated by their wishes, whereas the reality is something else–sometimes they are so drowned in their lives and work that “love in the family” becomes scarce.

05th August
Do re mi fa so la ti
Sachithra Rahubaddha – Red Apple – Sr Lanka
English (30 min.)


Once there lived a fairy god mother. She has magical power. She used her magical power to make our world beautiful. She make different things like birds, sun, moon and rainbow. One day she invented music. Then how will she send this thing to human world. She decided to give it to someone for implement it in human world. Using a coincidence meter she selected a girl named Melissa. Melissa is a girl who thinks that everything in the world is ugly and useless and she got a squirrel as her pet. Fairy god mother hide music inside of Saxophone and gave it to Melissa. But Melissa didn’t believe her. But fairy god mother want to make her believe about finding her luck. Finally Melissa take it and played it for her pet and her grandparents. They fainted after listening to her awful music. She thought everyone one fainted because she played it very beautiful and everyone can’t bear that beautiful sound. So she left home and go to the town to play that for public. Unfortunately that day was carnival day for the town. The people in the carnival fainted too. Then she got afraid and decided to go to jungle. Then she met a prince who caught by a group of thieves. She helped the prince but caught by a palace guards. They take Melissa and SQ to the palace. Here she stopped the king to be tricked by the thieves. She protect the country but finally she decided to make a musical band by refusing hand of prince and throne. She became hero of the story and found her good luc

05th August
Nokiya Hitapu Deyak
Nalin Lusena – Sri Lanka
Sinhala (30 min)


This short play tries to describe the complex nature of human relationship in the present society through an experience a newlywed couple faces in their family life.

06th August
The Sky Above – The Mud Below
Valentin Alfery – Hungry Sharks – Austria
Non verbal (Dance) (60 min)

In her performance, hip-hop dancer Farah Deen explores new ground, both in terms of her individual technique and innovative approach. She ventures out into a theatrical context rather unusual in urban dance and sets off on a journey through the fields of tension arising from religion and femininity. In her one-hour solo piece, she challenges a dominating worldview that defines a male figure as the human norm: the Vitruvian Man. What if Leonardo da Vinci had chosen a woman to depict idealised proportions?


06th August
Things to wear
Melanie Florschütz / Michael Döhnert – Theaterhaus Ensemble – Germany
non verbal (35 min)


A man and a woman, an old record player, a washing line and a large paper bag filled with wonderful things. Two very different people trying to fit together.
As clothes emerge from the bag, they take on different roles, different outfits and test their limits. They tease each other as they dance in and out of jackets, trousers and dresses, discovering new possibilities for play and transformation along the way.
The two opera-trained performers create a tender and enigmatic atmosphere, accompanying their playful dances with beautiful singing from Henry Purcell’s baroque opera The Fairy Queen.
An ideal first experience of live theatre, full of humour and imagination.
“Dancing and teasing, exploring and imitating things – this show is born out of a child’s environment. The young audience is not likely to forget this theatrical experience very soon.” Rheinische Post

07th August
Rehearsal for Elsinore
Bogdana Darie – National University of Theatre and Film Romania
Romanian, with subtitles (90min)


Rehearsal for Elsinore is a play devised from a given script (The Return to Elsinore by Kiss Csaba/an adaptation of Hamlet), coordinated by associate professor Bogdana Darie and Ph.D students Romina Sehlanec, Andreea Jicman. The play is a lesson about how theatre can work as an instrument in the educational process. Developed together with MA students from the Teaching Drama Department, the play shows both the mechanism of how one constructs a play without imposing ideas or certain paths, and it is also a message of the importance of using drama in the strategy of involving SEN children in the creative process. The project has two different levels and this can be seen really clear in the performance. It is shown how an actor can juggle with his skills in order present the character existence and the actor’s existence all gathered together in one person. It must be outlined the fact the actors of the play are not only actors but they tend to be masters of their own art, who can teach and explain in exact steps what is they are doing on stage and also behind the curtains. Apart from the established scenes the improvised scenes are, as the word “improvised” implies, always different and. As the project goes on, the research involves also adapting these moments to the people in the audience according to the feedback that is given after the final of every performance.

07th August
Menna Ape Rajjuruwo
D.K. Atigala – Vinivida Theater – Sri Lanka
Sinhala (30 min.)

Nuwan is watching lovingly a television programmes on the history. His sister tries to bring him to play. But Nuwan does not like it. When Nuwan is dreaming about ancient kings, a tusker comes in and fetches Nuwan to a kingdom which does not have a king. Nuwan is greatly welcome by the king’s council and appoints him as the king. He starts to play a game of creicket witj old aged ministers but both sides become embarrassed. King Nuwan is popular among the members of the counsil for his success on solving a case of theft. King Nuwan is always calling the council to play with him. One day wnimies of a hostile state invades the county. Nuwan’s army leader asks to blow the war horn. When ir blows the atmy will attack the enimies. But king Nuwan says he does not like war games and he starts to play “trains” with the members of the council. At a rime of war, it is not good to play games burt to fight. But king Nuwan continues his playing. After a little while, king Nuwan comands the Chief of Army to bow horn to stop the train. When it blows the army fights back and wins the war. Nuwan is still sittng in dront of the television….


08th August
Fight Fancy
Nimasha Fernando – Musaeus College – Sri Lanka
English (30 min.)

The Flight of Fancy follows the story of a little girl named Ellen, her restrictive life portrayed to the audience by her seven emotions – Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, Happiness, Surprise and Lazy. Ellen’s attempt at opening the window in her room without her parent’s consent turns disastrous, as her parents are now convinced that she is a bird and therefore can fly.
Poor Ellen is miserable and her emotions try their best to help her adopt to her new lifestyle. Ultimately, Ellen’s parents find out, accidently, that what they saw as her “flying”, was actually Ellen falling off the ladder in fright. Teaching you to think twice before you act.


Grease Yaka Returns
Rajitha Hettiarachchi / Nishantha de Silva – Ananda Drama – Sri Lanka
Sinhala /English (70 min.)


How the various internal fears of individuals living in the society are converted into social fear is shown in Grease Yaka Returns play.

09th August
Soul to Soul
Satish R. Narvekar – Rudreshwar – India
Konkani/English (60 min.)

The play is a love story staged on the background of Goa Portugal freedom struggle. “ Jhon” a Christian boy is in love with “Annu” a Hindu girl but their families are not excepting their love . “Jhone” and “Annu’s” soul (as we call it Maan in Konkani) comes and convince them both to live together not as a husband and wife but for a noble cause for society.


09th August
Subhendu Bhandari – Amta Parichay – India
Bengali/English sub-titles (60 min.)

The story of “Eladidi” is not only the story of Eladidi but also of emancipation. It is a story of Mukti a ordinary girl and Ela-a pretty, educated, intelligent one-known as Eladidi of Mukti. Mukti grows hearing of comparison all the time with Ela a common scenario in society. The unachieved desire of parents come upon the children like Mukti; and they tried hard to be so from the childhood, making it their motto of life. Their aim is to be a photocopy of Eladidi. She wants to be Eladidi- the neighbour, Eladidi- the singer, Eladidi- the heroine or at least Eladidi a domestic lady. Mukti had no beauty, no wealth. she had not the ability; but their is no end of being Eladidi. But life doesn’t progress following the rules of mathematics. That life is not a colourful picture of childhood is proved by the ups and down of life. Life proves that brutes with their sharp claws live side the Muktis. So, they failed to be one like Eladidi. Naturally their lives become confined in four walls boundary- to remain alive only by name. Everyday Mukti is also dying slowly on her way to be Eladidi. But life does not end here. Life teaches her in silence to come out of herself and to feel the response of the whole world. God has given everyone two eyes, two ears, hands, but having some unique characteristics. So, we are different from each other. Everyone has some special qualities; everyone has a different self. Without inner calling from heart, no one can be Eladidi, or even Mukti. The journey of Eladidi stops by suicide but not of Mukti. Instead of going in that way she realize herself, she emerges from coping others to her own self……