CITF 2018

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TROJAN WOMEN – 24th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Dharamasiri Bandaranayake
Country: Sri LankaSYNOPSIS
The play Trojan women follows the fates of the women of Troy after their city has been sacked, their husbands have been killed, and their remaining families are about to be taken as slaves. However, is begins first with the Gods Athena and Poseidan discussing ways to punish the Greek armies because they condemned Ajax the Leaser for raping Cassandra, the eldest daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecabe, after dragging her from a statue of Athens. What follows shows how much the Trojan women have suffered as their grief is compounded when the Greeks dole and additional deaths and divide their shares of women. Throughout the play, many of the Trojan women lament the loss of their land that reared them. Hecabe in particular lets it be known that Troy had been her home for her entire life, only to see herself as an old grandmother watching children before she will be taken as slave to Odysseus.

SWINGS OF LOVE – 25th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm


Director: M.Safeer
Country: Sri Lanka/ Italy – English

Let us tell you about the last woman in the world with her swings… She is doing her last act in front of you… Just listen to her… She will tell you many things… Try to understand what she wants to convey… May be, you will not meet her again… Red, Blue, Black, Purple and White swings will be left after all. She is in front of you, moments before her parting… Thereafter “The swings of love” shall be swinging……

THE DIARY OF A MADMAN – 25th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Joy Maisnam
Country: India – Bilingual with English sub-titlesSYNOPSIS
“The Diary of a Madman” was read as an ironic attack on traditional Chinese culture, and is seen as a call for New Culture. The character “Madman” who has supposedly been cured of his paranoia, presents his thoughts and understandings of the world around him as entries in his diary. After living in confusion for thirty years, his sudden Lunar Spiritual enlightenment is documented in thirteen fragments of his diary. After an extensive study of confusion culture, his confusion gives way to Paranoia, as he starts seeing the words “Eat People” between the lines. As he discovers his brother’s and mother’s plans for eating him, he simultaneously realizes his unwitting involvement in eating his sister’s flesh. The play ends with the “Madman’s” desperate cry “Save The Children” The Diary of a Madman” exposes the ubiquity of cannibalistic nature of four thousand years of Chinese history and how everyone is an accomplice in the game of eating and being eaten.

AMOK – 26th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Elmaze Nura
Country: Kosovo – Albanian with English SubtitlesSYNOPSIS
One day a Lady with a veil over her face comes to his bungalow and asks him to perform an abortion. She will give a lot of money in order to make the doctor to keep his mouth shut. The doctor gets passionate after the Lady. Her insistence to “buy” the doctor creates a tension situation. The doctor responds “not for the money but I will not do that thing”. The Lady has no other choice and leaves. The doctor cannot forgive himself for the decision he took. He tries to meet the Lady again to provide a free assistance. He understands that her husband, for a long time has been away and now he is about to come back. The child is not his and the time is very short. The doctor finds a way to send a message to the Lady and offers her, his help. He insists that if she does not respond, he would kill himself. The Lady gets back to the doctor. He arrives in an unclean and poor building. But when the doctor arrived it was too late…

MIMDO’S CALL – 26th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Fatma Keçeli
Country: Turkey – Non verbal (Mime)SYNOPSIS
It is clear that every living organism needs to be seen, to be heard, to be looked after and to be cared for no matter its gender, age, race and species. The theme of our play is based on this idea. The play expresses Mimdo’s story of existence in a non-verbal and humorous style, who does not have any particular skills, and hence being nearly unrecognizable, or worse being ignored by others.

DU GINGST FORT (YOU WENT AWAY) – 27th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Ed. Hauswirth
Country: Austria – German with English sub-titlesSYNOPSIS
How can anyone leave their home – the Rabtal! What makes the temptations of urban life so strong? And what might persuade one to move back? Rural depopulation represents an existential problem for the provinces. Finding a way to deal with it is not only a matter of infrastructure planning but a personal one, both for those who have moved away and the others left behind. With their familiar edgy charm the Rabtaldirndln use an ‘Austria’s Most Wanted’ format to track down those who have left, look for answers on a case-by-case basis and make an effort to fill the gaps which have been left behind. The Rabtaldirndln use a lot of humour in what is a very serious examination of those who have left home to look for happiness in the city. The role of women in both rural and urban society is of particular interest.

LEAVING ZILLER VALLEY – 27th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Reinhard Göber
Country: Austria – EnglishSYNOPSIS
A reflection about modern – day solitude Leaving Ziller Valley tells the story of the young Tyrolean manager Elizabeth. Alienated and lost from jet-setting between high-end hotels from Paris to Shangai, she decides to stay in New York. Maybe in this city full of dreamers, she can find what she is looking for: a place that she can call home and where she can ultimately find herself. “Leaving Ziller Valley revolves around the German conceptual term “Heimat” (plainly defined as the relationship one may have to a particular place) and explores its meaning through a dramatic, vibrant and energetic theatrical presentation. The performance also displays a personal quest for identity, emotional security, and a sense of belonging and purpose, away from the comfort of one’s home. It shows how relativity comes with a term or a word being understood differently across regions, and how several elements beyond physical or spacial environment constitute “home.

MANDRÁGORA CIRCUS – 28th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Juan Cruz Bracamonte
Country: Argentina – Non VerbalSYNOPSIS
“Mandragora Circus” is a wordless theatre performance in which two clowns tell a story of comedy and love where dialog and thoughts are understood without words. Circus stunts, music and unconventional instruments weave the acts of this performance together to allow the audience to imagine situations, conflicts and solutions. The show is delicate, with a touch of comedy, and an attractive story which can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages where circus becomes poetry.


Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Mrinal Jyoti Goswami
Country: India – English and AssameseSYNOPSIS
Time and tide wait for none. We all are engaged in a race of life. The contemporary socio-political and economic scenarios of the world push us to run. We forget when and where we started our race… we are just running and running… Time lashes on everyone’s back. Bruises become visible and gradually increase. But there is no escape from running. We want to achieve but at the cost of running. This is not just a precondition but the order of time…

CHAIRS – 30th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Nimasha Fernando
Country: Sri Lanka – EnglishSYNOPSIS
Once upon a time there lived a group of 9 storytellers. They lived in a beautiful land encircled by a ring of mountains. The storytellers told stories all the time about everything and now this time they’re ready to tell you four popular and magical stories in which one story is still a mystery. Their story begins with their great- grandmother who cuts down the magical talking tree and makes three magical talking chairs. The story traces the journeys of these three chairs and how they change lives of those who come into contact with them. The first talking chair begins its journey in Oyster’s Village in which it meets the storytellers’ grandmother who happens to be an oyster. The second talking chair begins its journey in the Northern area where it meets the storytellers’ mother who happens to be a Tomboy. But the fate of the third magic chair remains an enigma.

NILAK BALAMUDA – 30th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm

Director: Lakmini Lakshika
Country: Sri Lanka – Sinhala

“ Nilak balamuda” short drama based on different social formations of the modern society, politics, attitudes of the scholars and porn films are the main facts of this story. In the beginning of the drama it presents a incident about watching a porn film. But in the middle and final parts of the tropic changes dramatically. such topics like politics scholars and attitude of the society about politics are reflecting senses throughout. Both of young ladies are trying to find a solution for a problem which they face is base on a real incident of the modern society. While they are watching a porn films, one of their friends laptop falls down and it breaks. When the movement they realize that they can’t fix it back as the lady suggest to steal a new one. This drama build up by the rolls of Sanga and Kulani. They are living in the university systemic life and they have different opinions from each other. Finally they come to one decision and try to solve the problem. A girl who name Kulani utters about importance of her family background and honour which generate a comedy taste in the drama. As a conclusion,” Nilak balamuda” whole drama negotiate such tropic like love, sexuality, honour of a women and the drama provide a opportunity to celebrate critically about these main facts.

BIRDS WHO FORGOT HOW TO FLY – 30th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Anne-Kathrin Klatt
Country: German/Sri Lanka –TamilSYNOPSIS
“I want to tell you a story. A story about birds, which is also a story about forgetting. Once upon a time, the sky was full of birds. They were called the rulers of the skies. Born free, they knew no boundaries, until one day a tragic accident took place.” So begins the story in which the birds decide to give up flying for a safe life on the ground. Lead by power hungry leader, they soon do not only forget their ability to fly but out of fear even forget all their wishes and dreams. Until one day a young bird-girl sets out on a quest to uncover the forgotten knowledge and relearn flying. A parable on freedom and self-determination for audiences from 8 years upwards

PAATA (COLORS) – 30th May – 7.00pm

Lionel Wendt Theatre | 07:00 pm
Director: Nilanka Namal Udumulla
Country: Sri Lanka – Sinhala / EnglishSYNOPSIS
If all the colours vanished, how would the world be like…..? colours beautify the world. Children are those who give colours to the world. The world with children is very beautiful. It is a big responsibility to the beautify the world by protecting the beauty of children. Therefore it is all our responsibility to make opportunities for them to colour the world.