CITF 2017

Poster full 24 36THARAVO IGILETHI – 4th April – 7.00pm


Director: Lucian Bulathsinghala
Country: Sri Lanka
Time: (2 hours)

Veteran play writer, libretto and lyricist Lucian Bulathsinghala’s “THARAWO IGILETHI” is an adaptation based on a Roman Play named “THE BROTHERS MENACHMI’ By PLAUTUS (BC.254-184) who is acclaimed as the father of European Comedy. “THE BROTHERS MENACHMI” has influenced SHAKSPEAR to create his play “COMEDY OF ERRORS”. “THARAWO IGILETHI” was so popular throughout its premier in 1981 as a ‘Semi Musical’ with a misuc score by late Visharada Gunadasa Kapuge.

OOPICASSOO – 5th April – 7.00pm



Director: Julia Dina Heße
Country: Germany
Time: (45 min)

Adventurous and with unlimited fantasy two actors discover the world of colours and see themselves and reality in a new and different way. They dip their brush into the paint, a luminous line crosses the sheet of paper. What happens next? Do we see a face emerging, an animal or something completely different? It’s up to our imagination and anything can happen when blue, red and yellow meet an empty white sheet of paper.

Inspired by painter Pablo Picasso, who kept reinventing his art and wouldn’t let rules restrict his creative work, Muenster’s Theatre for Young Audiences explores the art of painting with all senses, sounds and music. Colour, material, body and voices merge items and situations of the childrens’ daily life with unexpected ideas and inventive fantasies.

Two actors discover the realm of shapes and colours and thereby create artworks on stage that are inspired by Picasso’s playful and creative view on art.

TROLL – 5th April – 7.00pm


Director: Tinou Mérigot
Country: Sweden-France
Time: (45 min)

In the forest, in my home country Sweden, where the midwinter night freeze is intense. Where the midsummer sun shines all day… It is there, in these forest where it happens a lot of strange things that I´m now going to tell you…

In this beautiful forest lived a great number of tiny little people with crooked backs, lame and very, very old. Or some giants – 3 times as tall as I am… and  many, many more. They are small or large, gentle or vicious, foolish or clumsy, intelligent but often very silly… But they are there! In the forest. Observing us, teaseing us, envying us. We call all of them for TROLL!

1,2,3,4 – 6th April – 7.00pm

Director: Harshika Rathnayake
Country: Sri lanka
Time: (30 min)In current society most people are working, caring and accepting objects. As examples things which we can see, like cars, houses, books, phones…are not about internal feelings about humans which means the subject.We lose the subject just because of the object. There are 4 characters from different situations, ages and cultures .How they are dealing with their women is the main point of this production. And also it portrays how traditional and social bonds and new technology affect to these people for maintaining their love with women.This exposes modern choreographic theatre structure, nonverbal and musical theatre too.

IN TRANSIT – 6th April – 7.00pm

Director: Aditi Venkateshwaran
Country: India Pune
Time: (45 min)”So much of the city is our bodies.” – Anne MichaelsHow do we understand the life of our own bodies? How are we able to re-see movement and the ideas contained in the body? How does one see more deeply into our mundane day-to-day movement as a form of intelligence, rediscovering its capacity for ideas, understanding fully what the body knows. Looking at world in its entirety and our respective small earthly existence with all its whims, mysteries, delusions, hopes and fears, all our heritage, contradictions, fluctuating abilities to understand and recognize life, our ability or more often inability to love, trust, understand, all those egos and the many others within and outside us, all that flares up in moments of recognition. Running forwards, ever forward and sometimes backwards. A constant need to reach somewhere, perhaps nowhere.Finding an intersection in the context of conflicts and narratives; theories of trauma and healing and their artistic expression while being in transit. The piece examines the representation of systemic and subjective movement in the contemporary cultural looking at bodies in transit.

WHEN I’LL BECOME A CLOUD – 7th April – 7.00pm

Director: Iryna Tsypina
Country: Belarus
Time: (50 min)Janusz Korczak. He lived for children’s sake, he died for children’s sake. 6 of August 1942 he entered to the gas chamber of Treblinka extermination camp, he entered with children from his “Dom Sierot”, he couldn’t leave them alone in that gas chamber.So they are in the clouds at least… It’s easy to breeze, it’s easy to lough, it easy to be a child again. But here is also heard the whistle of a steam locomotive from the nightmare, that is already faraway. That locomotive carried away people every day in an unknown direction, and never brought back.Children are tired to be afraid; the children invent a story, the kind tale about the good King Matiush.

PUBERTY – 7th April – 7.00pm


Director: Sachithra Rahubadda
Country: Sri Lanka
Time: (30 min)

This is story about baby girl and baby boy. After sexual intercourse happens sperm and ova starts its own journey. They get together makes seed of baby, same for girl and same for boy. Same power same energy and same hope. But different gender for future sustain of world. After they came to the world as new we give rose to the girl and blue for the boy which they never ask. Then car for the boy and doll for the girl also they never ask. We divided them. We make them separate using gender. We make special laws and rules. Then they become puberty. They feel emotions. Independence emotions. But again we are going to be a part of it. Are they survive? What happened to their puberty?

IMAAN IMAAN PAANI – 8th April – 7.00pm

Director: Dr. Mrinal Jyoti Goswami
Country: India – Assam
Time: (60 min)The silver lines of old memories tease us from behind. That is why, perhaps, we nostalgically gloat over our childhood days. We are again and again reminded of our playful childhood with leisure games like, “Imaan Imaan Paani, Ganga Rani”, “Khusti” etc. In our wildest dreams we could not have seen that through these games, played in the happiest moments of our life, we were actually getting ready to face the turbulence of the present times, as we have been facing in Assam, and the whole world. At a time when our world is terrorized by the dehumanizing impacts of the intense socio-political upheavals and economic depression, we want to escape to the imaginary world of myths, legends and tales for solace and relief from the worries of the present. Memories of our childhood years bring back to our conscience the relevance of such myths and legends as we live our day-to-day lives with them. This is also a situation in which we are reminded of Salvador Dali and his great Canvas ‘The Persistence of Memory’ and of Edvard Munch and his ‘The Scream (or The Cry)’. On the basis of them an ambitious attempt has been made to portray the day-to-day politics of the contemporary times.

AI AULDA ? – 8th April – 7.00pm

Director: Krishanth Jayabahoo
Country: Sri Lanka
Time: (25 min)Children’s world is more different than adults. It is so hard to understand. Our predictions can be wrong with children’s imagination. So the “PLAY” is going to reveal modern child. Contemporized child mostly with technology. They are very instant and innovative. But somehow there roots are cultural and social. Within Asian cultural scenario life circle of the new born two children is the theme of the PLAY. One child is a girl and other one is boy. But there are totally different two paths created by society.How tradition and social bonds effect in life of children and how they face it. These are the main areas what has influence with PLAY production.
This is modern choreographic theater structure. Nonverbal and musical theater.

WATA ADDARA WEDIKAWA – 9th April – 7.00pm

Director: Didula Induwara,Suneth Kawshika
Country: Sri lanka
Time: (25 min)

EHALA MALAI PITTANIYAI – 5th April – 7.00pm

Director: Subashana Kurugala
Country: Sri lanka
Time: (25 min)

PENGUIN – 9th April – 7.00pm

Director: Nilanka Namal Udumulla
Country: Sri lanka
Time: (25 min)
Long ago there was as island called “penguland”. The ruler of the penguland was a sea lion .He was really strike and was not a kind hearted person. It used to destroy the penguin eggs. Once when he was on a pick nick the other penguins could hide an egg. But unfortunately before the birth of the baby penguin the sea lion came back .He tried to destroy the egg. At the same time the baby penguin born.’ MOTHER’ the baby penguin called the sea lion.