30th May
Director: Nimasha Fernando 
Country: Sri Lanka – English


Once upon a time there lived a group of 9 storytellers. They lived in a beautiful land encircled by a ring of mountains. The storytellers told stories all the time about everything and now this time they’re ready to tell you four popular and magical stories in which one story is still a mystery. Their story begins with their great- grandmother who cuts down the magical talking tree and makes three magical talking chairs. The story traces the journeys of these three chairs and how they change lives of those who come into contact with them. The first talking chair begins its journey in Oyster’s Village in which it meets the storytellers’ grandmother who happens to be an oyster. The second talking chair begins its journey in the Northern area where it meets the storytellers’ mother who happens to be a Tomboy. But the fate of the third magic chair remains an enigma.