Light_Puppet_Show2Our producton of “Carmen” is based on “Carmen Suite” music by Bizet Shchedrin. And logically this classical piece de- mands to be performed by professional ballet dancers, but our cast consists of only drama actors. Amazing collaboraton of body language and actng makes the plot of the story easily comprehensible and the directng choreographer’s completely modern vision of the characters of “Carmen” surprisingly shocking for any audience throughout the world. And this magic synthesis also defnes the genre of the performance as choreographic drama. Choreo-drama “Carmen” is a co-producton of Tbilisi Music and Drama state theater and “Moving Theatre” (UK) and it partcipates in the internatonal project of Educatonal and Cultural Program of European Union along with several other European countries.

The premiere of “Carmen” was held on September 23-25, 2012 in London, UK. “Carmen” was presented on the 16th of September 2012 as pre-premiere show within the range of “Georgian Showcase” of Tbilisi Internatonal Theatre festval.

Since its premiere in London “Carmen” has been traveling with huge success throughout the world. In 2015 “Carmen” won nominaton of the best dance performance at FRINGE WORLD FESTIVAL in Perth, Australia.