Book of Love

4th August
Book of Love
Aamir Nawaz – Maas Foundation – Pakistan
Non verbal (60 min.)


“Book of Love” is a non-verbal take on the classic boy-meets-girl tale. The play showcases a couple’s journey of love, family and parenthood through a child’s perspective – who reminds them about the sweet old charm they once had. Ali a 5 years old child one fined himself alone at home. Due to his childish behavior during aloneness, he finds a book in the book rack on which Book of Love is written. He starts to read it. In each section of the book he finds an interesting even happing in the life of a couple i.e their meets, their dates, their engagement, their marriage, their honeymoon etc. the best part is that at the end of the day he finds that this story is a real life of his parents who had lost their love in that book and have no more love in their life..