Director:VivekVijayakumaranThe play explores the space between where we come from and where we want to go.The gap between what we are made of and what we are made out to be. How love can lighten and brighten our lives us as much as weigh it down. Passion , Belonging and Individual liberty ! Looking at these ideas through the character of Bhi- ma , the second of the Pandavas from the epic Mahabhara- ta. Also known as the middle one !Director’s Note
The experiment has been to see how an urban con- temporary actor can train in a classical form to be able to innovate and fnd a language of expression that is not di- vorced from the urban. The objectve being that the soul/ essence of the form (Kutyatam) is stll retained” The ways of retenton being subjectve to the expe- riental knowing of the form by the actor.
Arriving at a live musical score has also been an integral part of the creatve process with Sachin Gurjale, who also trained briefy on the principle of percussion in Kutyatam where the role of the music is to pronounce and enhance the actors actons