Ardakani Honorable Family

05th August
Ardakani Honorable Family
Amir Bashiri – Avan Theater Group – Iran
Persian/English sub-titles (45min)


Fereydoun, the senior child of the family, is going to the military service and decides to bring the news to the family in a gathering. Things occurring in that evening walk us through the conflicts and lack of proper communication between the family members.

“Ardakani Honorable Family” shows the story of the family members plagued by tensions in everyday social challenges. Many of us must have experienced such turbulences in our own family. The show depicts many community members without retouch, unveiling and enlightening the facts, while ensuring that the taste of its honesty does not hurt the audience, but rather, brings smile to their lips.

This slice of life portrays many parents nowadays who expect their children to be simulated by their wishes, whereas the reality is something else–sometimes they are so drowned in their lives and work that “love in the family” becomes scarce.