26th May
Director: Elmaze Nura 
Country: Kosovo – Albanian with English Subtitles


One day a Lady with a veil over her face comes to his bungalow and asks him to perform an abortion. She will give a lot of money in order to make the doctor to keep his mouth shut. The doctor gets passionate after the Lady. Her insistence to “buy” the doctor creates a tension situation. The doctor responds “not for the money but I will not do that thing”. The Lady has no other choice and leaves. The doctor cannot forgive himself for the decision he took. He tries to meet the Lady again to provide a free assistance. He understands that her husband, for a long time has been away and now he is about to come back. The child is not his and the time is very short. The doctor finds a way to send a message to the Lady and offers her, his help. He insists that if she does not respond, he would kill himself. The Lady gets back to the doctor. He arrives in an unclean and poor building. But when the doctor arrived it was too late…


Love, passion, life… betrayal, deception, death…It’s a complex journey of the character through the Malaysian syndrome named ” AMOK “- which is a psychic disturbance characterized by depression followed by a manic urge to murder. A doctor, who has experienced a serious drama in his youth…Then in the following years he lived in solitude and isolated among the Malaysians. The unprofessional abortion was on its way and because of bleeding the Lady comes to death. She refuses to be taken to the hospital and the doctor swears that he will keep her secret. The husband does not believe in the official version “heart attack”. He takes her body on a ship in order to bring it home to reveal the truth. The doctor decided to keep his oath. He climbs on in the same ship. Suddenly the coffin falls from the ship into the water together with husband and sailors…